The Curated Entertainment Network with Fewer Restrictions

The Ad-vertainment and Event Marketing network featuring a hybrid of curated pop cultural social media and scripted entertainment with TV everywhere stream distribution on devices including; Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, iTunes and Google Play.

CLUB TV, the AfterHours HD free network channel for clubs & bars, features curated content from the network that does not require audio to enjoy the visuals.  With over 2 hours of regularly updated content including comedy highlights for general audiences featuring stunt mishaps, trip-ups, crashes, bikini sports and more, it’s the perfect ‘break away’ entertainment that enhances patrons enjoyment while they drink, laugh and watch!

The TV Anywhere network produces custom commercials that are distributed across the entire ecosystem of broadcast and social media for maximum exposure and viral sharing including entertaining ads that are ‘Too Hot for TV’.

These ‘banned’ commercials are highly successful through social media channels including Youtube, Vine, Twitter, Snapchat and more!  We also integrate ‘native advertising’ within scripted content to help market brands through selected entertainment programming.  This makes brand and products part of the ‘conversation’ within the episode, not just a separate commercial!

The channel will be available on devices including as; Apple TV, Opera TV, Xbox, Sonos, Android TV, Chromecast and LG Smart TV’s.

Plus, by signing up for free to watch selected shows, you’ll get promotional discounts for products, clubs, events and more!  You’ll even get to enter into selected sweepstakes where you can win major prizes and gift certificates!

Be sure to check out even more entertainment on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube channels!

AfterHours HD is a trademark brand of Scorpio Pictures, Inc., an award winning multimedia production and marketing agency specializing in development and distribution of ad-vertainment content worldwide.  For more information, visit