A Video Vignette Series on the After Hours HD
TV Network

Playboy-style short form VOD series featuring beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and ages discussing social tips, bedroom tips and much more while modeling the latest in fashion, lingerie and other merchandise.


Where to Watch

  • VOD Series

    The AfterHours HD TV channel is a hit in countries including; U.S., Canada, U.K., Puerto Rico and Mexico! Expanding in Asia and Europe in 2016!
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  • Online Channel

    Check out sneak previews and episodes of series available on the entire world wide digital network at www.afterhourshd.com

  • Exclusive Content

    The growing fan base can subscribe for exclusive unrated content only available on DVD that includes additional content '"Too Hot for Tv"

About the Series

  • Social

    Find out how to connect with these beautiful models on social media!

  • Lingerie

    Each vignette features apparell from the hottest brands wrapped around the most beautiful women.

  • International

    We feature models from all over the world doing all sorts of things! From the beach to the bedroom, this series features it all!

  • Video Modeling

    Every episode features beautiful video modeling sequences that will appeal to every man... and woman!

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