007: Death May Never End

Death May Never End 007 is a James Bond Fan Film which took 4 years to complete.

When Bond’s first ever assignment for MI6 leads him to a high risk mission in Ukraine, he discovers a new terrorist organisation called ‘Knifepoint’, who have nuclear intentions to gain domination over the west. On return from his mission Bond out that his parents have died in a tragic ‘accident’. Four years later MI6 uncover some shocking evidence. The leader of the Knifepoint organisation is Nicolo Costa Sanseverino, a powerful international terrorist of Italian origin. Bond killed his brother, Luca, on his first mission in Rome. As MI6 is put on high alert, it becomes apparent that this fight is more personal than 007 might imagine.

007 Franchise is owned by EON Productions. This is purely a non-profit film which has been made purely for passion for movie making.

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